• Nick Brown

Walking the streets

My photography does focus largely on architecture which as you would expect leads me to walking the streets. From time to time something else will catch my eye and I simply can't help myself.

Street photography is beautiful and there is something fascinating about seeing people being people.

I'm quite conscious of the modern world's caution around cameras so I like to ensure anonymity in my street images. But on reflection I actually like the fact that the face is not always seen. It leads me to ask more questions of that image.

I'm not one to dissect the purity and soul of street photography. This does exist of that there is no doubt but for me... I simply enjoy it whilst walking to the next location.

Anything that catches my eye is fair game. The image below was a shop window in my home

town of Rugby. The sight of the poster immediately had me thinking. How did 'closing down' become "clothing down"? Didn't the person taking the order question it? Did they do it for a laugh? What did the unfortunate shop owner think when it arrived? It's bad enough that their shop is shutting. And then there is the half hearted attempt at correcting it with a biro.

Street photography isn't a leading genre for me but it's a great way to document our living environment. It has also taught me a lot about taking a good candid picture which is brilliant for documentary wedding photography.

I may consider adding a gallery to the website for street photography. It's won't come close to some of the talented street photographers out there that is for sure.

As a parting message if you see a photographer taking pictures on the street - they're good people. They're not up to no good. Give them a smile.



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